Greater Delray Beach Chamber of Commerce
140 NE 1st Street,
Delray Beach, FL 33444

Phone: 561-278-0424
We are serving the best possible icecream in the best way possible. All icecreams are Non-GMO, fairtrade certified, kosher, made using natural ingredients. the best ice cream, cakes, catering. Right here in Delray Beach you can stop by and grab anything from a delicious milkshake, ice cream sundae, or just a cone with over 40 flavors to choose from! Peace, Love and Ice cream.

Hours of Operation:
12:00-11pm Sunday through Thursday 11:30am-12pm Friday and Saturday

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These lovely ladies of course stopped in to Ben & Jerry's while vacationing from cold New York! Who doesn't love a yummy sundae!?

When a Group of incredible happy ladies visit from Connecticut, what do they do ? They stop at Ben & Jerry’s for some Euphoric Ice Cream and a chance to get your photo taken with our Cone Hats and face decorations !!! Enjoy your vacation and we hope to see you again !!

What do Five hungry young people do on a Saturday Night in Delray Beach ? They order a Vermonster for one incredible Euphoric experience !!! Scoop away !

Can you say Mini Vermonster ?

Come in and get your mooo-tastic half baked cake before its gone! 😉

Did you know we cater??? 🤔 Refer us to a friend, employer, family member, ect. and if confirmed you have earned yourself a FREE small ice cream! ☺

Do you want Ben & Jerry's at your office or birthday party. Visit our webpage to get your free quote!

Photos from Free Cone Day! Thank you everyone for coming out.

Our staff and the members of our charity this year , want to thank all of our Patrons who braved the thunder and lightning to come and support our Free Cone Day Celebration and also help raise awareness about this incurable disease ! Please visit their website and continue to support their cause.

Thank you to everyone who came and donated to this years charity ! Even with all the lightning and thunderstorms , we almost raised $1000! Thank you all again !!!

So this photo is very Special ! Knowing it’s free cone day all day long , and then coming in when it’s all over , gets you the last in line poster !!!!

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