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Today at Nature Education Cooperative we studied the life cycle of a butterfly. On our recent field trip to Butterfly World we acquired two chrysalis and released our beautiful Monarch into the garden today. Children also made fresh basil pesto, learned about mammals, planted kale and herbs, had a dance party, enjoyed a book club reading, and collaborated and played with puzzles, magna-tiles and other learning tools. Life is sweet at co-op. We are grateful for our time learning together in nature.

Follow us on Pintrest for nature craft ideas, daily inspiration and upcoming event listings!

Follow us on Pintrest for nature craft ideas, daily inspiration and upcoming event listings!

This week at Nature Education Cooperative we studied volcanoes and made an erupting model. We also made bath bombs using herbs from our garden, created open-ended art with loose parts, and we participated in the electoral process by voting for either Bananas or Watermelons for next weeks snack. Children enjoyed talking about the importance of voting and took pride in submitting their choice. The Dutchman’s Pipe is flowering it’s large, carnivorous blooms and the children love to examine them and explore the garden for new growth of vegetables, fruit and flowers.

Join us at Mother Nature & Me on Thursdays at 10 am with your little ones ages 0-5 for nature craft, storytime and garden exploration!

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"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed its the only thing that ever has." - Margaret Mead PHOTOS by Marley Musella

What’s growing at DBCG? Carambola, strawberry fruit, coffee, red hibiscus, Noni, luffa squash, papaya, peppers and so much more. Come explore during weekend open hours. SUNDAYS: 11 am - 2 pm

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Thank you to the volunteers of LOVE DELRAY for taking the time to nurture our garden. Our tilting table was demolished and removed, our dream boat was completely upgraded with fresh wood seats, our pond was skimmed of some of the invasive water hyacinth and our passion fruit vines were trimmed and garden beds weeded. Our young helpers were extremely eager to wheel out the debris and cut vines! Thank you LOVE DELRAY for continuing to serve our community.

Come on down and join us on this cool morning!

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