Greater Delray Beach Chamber of Commerce
140 NE 1st Street,
Delray Beach, FL 33444

Phone: 561-278-0424
Farmer’s Table is a healthy, delicious and affordable dining destination in Boca Raton. The warm and welcoming restaurant serves breakfast, lunch and dinner and offers take-out options. Dishes center on fresh, seasonal ingredients in their purest form, devoid of excess fat, salt, processing, toxins and all the other extras you don’t want. Farmer’s Table caters to the whole family, featuring a special, healthy Kids Menu, while accommodating such diets as gluten free, Paleo and vegetarian. Farmer’s Table hosts special events and educational activities to serve as a wellness hub in the community. The largest health-focused restaurant in the area with 200 seats, Farmer’s Table is located on the corner of 19th and Military Trail, adjacent to the Wyndham Hotel. For information on expansion opportunities, please contact Mitchell Robbins at

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