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'The Human Capital Group is dedicated to taking people and teams on a journey of self-discovery that will deliver breakthrough results. Our method is edgy, invigorating, challenging and rewarding. Whether we are walking along side of you as an executive coach, guiding you on a journey of personal transformation or considering taking your organization to new levels, we are there every step of the way’

Time is running out for this weekend's seminar! If you are looking to unlock the most productive version of yourself, I invite you to join us this Saturday at the Hilton West Palm Beach!

We are exited to bring Command and Control to the Palm Beach area and would love to see you in attendance!!

We are exited to bring Command and Control to the Palm Beach area and would love to see you in attendance!!

Welcome to 2019! Cheers to the new beginnings, new frontiers and letting go of the past. Take a moment to reflect on the new feelings this year brings... The joy of doing something for the first time; the excitement of recommitting to a project or work you love; the comfort of having new goals and directions. Savor this moment! Remember how it feels. We are blessed to have another year to achieve anything we want and share it with the people in our lives. Let's celebrate the gift of opportunity and the magic of collaboration and giving. May you have it all in 2019! #HappyNewYear

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“Christmas is a tonic for our souls. It moves us to think of others rather than of ourselves. It directs our thoughts to giving.” ―B.C. Forbes Whether you celebrate Christmas or not, this is the true meaning of the season. Make time for those you love and those who are in need. Give love, care and time generously during the holidays. And allow yourself the opportunity to enjoy your family, festivities and traditions. Be kind to ALL beings, including yourself. Happy Holidays from our team at Human Capital Group.

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We are proud of the diverse talent on our Human Capital Group that gives us a unique opportunity to help our clients from a multi-disciplinary approach. People are the core of every organization. That's where Anna Gonokhova's expertise fits perfectly on our team. With a Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration from the University of Florida, she is PHR certified and holds a Certificate of Human Resource Management. She has been a key component in hiring, performance management, records retention, training, onboarding, and overall development of HR policies and procedures within organizations. Anna’s knowledge spans across sales, retail, staffing and manufacturing industries for both, large and small businesses. She is dedicated to helping companies reach dynamic results while establishing a great employee culture through the Human Resources department. We are grateful to have your brilliance in our group.2

Stop making promises. Take action now! Command & Control: Productivity Workshop and Breakfast will offer you tools to be more productive and balanced in life and in work. Get TWO tickets for $100 with the BOGO offer. Sign up today 👉

There is a very simple trick I use to stay on top of my tasks and get in control of my goals - put them down on paper. By doing so, you can have a clearer vision of what you aim to achieve. And when you know where you want to go, you will find the path to achieve it. Write down your ideas today and soon enough you will find yourself in the act of doing. Learn more:

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