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Finest Italian Cuisine in Delray Beach

roasted chicken scarpariello with roasted potatoes roasted homemade sausage roasted Peppers pepperoncini Kalamata olives with a vinegar wine sauce. So delicious

Who's ready for beef braciole. This dish will be featured in a magazine next month

Nothing better than lasagna made with fresh homemade pasta

Extra spicy thai curry beef oh yea . And some cab

Today is the start of the season.beautiful south florida weather . Todays special lunch skirt steak with peppers onions and mushrooms . Delish

Double cut pork chop stuffed with proscuitto mozzarella spinach peppers topped with eggplant and a gorgonzola whiskey cream sauce . Cakebread chardonnay .yum

Shrimp lobster and broccoli alfredo and a reserve chardonnay

Polo di trufolo over fettuccini artichokes tomatoes and spinachi . Plenty of grilled chocken and truffles ....W. O. W. HOMEMADE PASTA to boot . Best dish evef. Molto beni

What's for lunch . This is the gigantic titanic burger wrap filled with fresh ground beef bacon spicy guacamole mozzarella cheddar gorgonzola and greens . Finish this one and youre going down . Over one pound

The Gina Marie B L T wrap was soo delish . And tbis one is a healthy version

Veal chop primavera with mixed greens palms tomatoes and cheese

Blackened chicken with organic avocado tomatoes roasted onions and pepperoncini

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