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IT'SUGAR is a trendy sweets shop where you'll experience an unpredictable sense of excitement and wonder along with the sights, smells and especially the tastes of all your favorite treats. Specializing in candy from chocolates to lollipops to mints to gummy bears and candy-inspired fashion apparel, accessories and novelty gift items, IT’SUGAR is a land of make believe come true for the stylish and young at heart; an ultra chic, super sweet candy-land adventure. The concepts of joy, taste, color and sound are at the heart of IT’SUGAR candy emporiums.

Monday mix ft: rainbow crunchy bears and sour belts. 🌈 What’s in your perfect candy mix?

the face you make when you realize dinglebearies taste way better than they sound

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As the saying goes: chocolate champagne for my real friends, real pain for my sham friends. Or something. Anyway, happy NYE! 🍾

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What do you mean you haven’t finished Christmas shopping!? Just kidding, we get it... and we’re here for you (aka we’re open today)

It’s finally your time to shine, procrastinators. We’re welcoming in last minute holiday shoppers all weekend with open arms and awesome gift ideas. 🎁

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Don’t let your desk job stop you from celebrating #nationalcocoaday to its fullest potential ☕️ (ft. jumbo IT’SUGAR mugs, now available in stores!)

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Think of the softest and fluffiest thing you’ve ever eaten. Now times it by 10 and you have our exclusive Pusheen marshmallow pops ☁️☁️

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