Greater Delray Beach Chamber of Commerce
140 NE 1st Street,
Delray Beach, FL 33444

Phone: 561-278-0424
We are a sub sandwich shop that delivers freaky fast sandwiches, maximum 15 minute delivery time. Lettuce wraps also available, We will deliver one sandwich.

We’re freaks about sandwiches and things that matter. That’s why we’re spreading the love and donating to Learning Lodge Academy! Visit us tomorrow, 10/19/18 at 9308 US Highway 19 from 4pm – 8pm to grab a tasty sandwich and help support your local community!

"I needed a part time job that worked around my school schedule and this one is perfect. It's a fast-paced restaurant environment, but it's a steady schedule. Which is exactly what I needed. I'm studying Media Arts and Production; so editing, recording, that kind of thing. It's obviously a popular dream to say, 'I want to direct a movie' or 'I want to write my own story'. Yeah, I want to do all of those things, but that's the end game for the profession. There are still SO many levels to it. You don't have to give up if you don't make it to Hollywood, so that's where I get my motivation." - Markus Dorsey, Inshop, Champaign, IL #9039

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K-State Homecoming post football game meal for team 👍

Feeding 800 University of Illinois Marching Illini band members for #ILLINIHomecoming today. See you all at the stadium and go Fighting Illini Football!

I still love a good game of lost and found. It’s like, SURPRISE I lost my self control and then found a beach club.

"Be genuine and honest. Don't be fake. Some people think I can be too direct or blunt, but I just tell it like I see it. I think, if I'm honest from the get-go things work out better...unless it's like about a woman's wedding dress. If she loves it, tell her you love it too! But other than that, sugar coating just makes things confusing for everyone." - Crystal Price, 1st Assistant Manager, Champaign, IL #9039

Total hams!

Jimmy John's updated their cover photo.

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