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buying flood insurance now has a 30 day wait so you still be in hurricane season. buy it now as if you call when a storm is in the area you will not be covered. call 561-414-1979 to discuss

For those of you looking to find quality low cost home insurance I may have something for you. Heritage Property and Casualty has opened up zipcodes in Palm Beach County. Here are some of the zipcodes that are opened with great pricing. Send me your dec page and wind mitigation inspection and I can compare apples to apples. I am moving to Trails and paying $1140 for coverage on my house. 33473, 33472, 33437,33484,33467

great deal if you are under the age of 40 and are looking for life insurance. I have a company that for men if you are in good health and no med should be able to get you 20 year term $300,000 for less than $20.00 per month. Females same situation but $400,000 PM me and we can discuss your individual situation.

If your house is older and has toe nails as your roof to wall attachment I may be able to help you save a whole lotta money. I have a guy who can retro fit a roof to make toe nails clips. That is the credit on a wind mitigation inspection that saves the most money. I had a guy do his and spent $2200 but saved $1300 this year alone so next year he is ahead of the game. I have another lady whose Citizen insurance was $6659 and when we changed the roof went down to $2900. Another lady do not fully remember but saved $1500 or so if not more on her roof credit. Sent me a copy of the wind mitigation and send me a copy of your declaration page and I can let you know. Email is I have been selling insurance for 13 years and just really found out about this guy. Not very popular with agents I would imagine as when we lower premiums we lose money, but isn't it about cutting costs if we can.

In the 13 years selling insurance the promise I give my clients is kept. Spoke to a lady who has been with me a year. Called her up and said I can only increase your coverage by $75,000 and add only $60.00 for the year because I feel your house is underinsured. She said to me why are you doing this. This is peanuts and your are spending your time for such a small thing. I said that we you came on with me I promised you I would shop each of your items yearly and see if there is anything else out there that will be better for you. I do not care if is a dollar or $1000. My work is my promise and my promise is my word and that is why I do what I do 24/7 for your peace of mind.

Potential savings in the home insurance market in many cases. Feel free to call LAB Insurance Inc. at 561-414-1979. Larry Wides

Thank you blue cross as you do not have a $0 premium plan this year. For the people who have blue cross feel free to call me as I have a $0 premium plan with united healthcare which is a PPO. My number is 561-414-1979

A few tips I read from the Parade Magazine recently that are worthy of passing on.... 1) Check to be sure your doctor(s) are IN NETWORK and on YOUR PLAN. 2) Make sure the test prescribed is medically necessary and there is not an alternative less expensive test that will do the same thing 3) Find out what labs are being done / blood drawn, why, why they are needed and make sure you are getting this done at an IN-NETWORK LAB 4) Ask if there is an alternative/lower cost/generic alternative to the prescription that is being provided. Are there samples? Can you take 1/2 of a pill each day to save on costs, etc... Check for the best prices and possible coupons out there for prescriptions and 5) MAKE SURE your SPECIALIST is IN NETWORK and if you need a referrals - get one.

Who do you know that has Citizens and is unhappy with your agent? Private message me?

Getting ready for Healthcare Reform. Some good, some bad but in all cases confusing. Please do not do on your own. There is no cost to you to call me and go over options. I can help you on or off the exchange. Call me at 561-414-1979.

Okay I must post stupidity when it is there. I get an email today from a broker that says a client cancelled their policy with me. They were paying $3415 for a $1 million dollar insurance policy for automobile. I ask the ex client why and I was told they do not need that much coverage. So I look at the policy they bought from an Allstate agent in Wellington. $1745 for 6 months for $100000/$300000 coverage. So hmmm let me see now she is paying $3500 which is more than she was paying before getting $100000 coverage vs 1 million dollars of coverage. Hmm I do not care how much logic you put into this it does not make sense. I just hope this husband and wife do not run their business like this.

Health Care reform is coming whether you are for it or not for it. There are very interesting things coming down the horizon and whether you go through the exchange or not the plans are going to be EXACTLY the same. The prices on or off will be exactly the same. There is NO SURCHARGE to use an agent. More infomation coming out every day. Please call me at 561-414-1979 if you have any questions. I have been doing this for 10 years now. Thanks Larry Wides

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