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Pugliese Public Relations (PPR) is a communications firm that helps businesses and organizations to develop and implement targeted public relations and marketing campaigns that achieve very strong results. Unlike other public relations firms, we take a methodical approach that has been honed through years of experience with every assignment.Pugliese Public Relations defines the challenge, develops a communications solution and delivers results all at an affordable price. Our clients have appeared in The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, USA Today, the Associated Press, Dateline NBC, CNN and Fox News Channel, among others.

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Pugliese Public Relations shared a post.

Pugliese Public Relations shared a post.

A journalist’s reputation depends first and foremost on the accuracy of the articles that they write. Always take the time to make sure that your story is accurate and not “over hyped.” If it is later found out to be inaccurate it will almost certainly damage your relationship with the journalist.

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Don't Try to Sell to Them, Because They Aren't Buying Remember that you're not trying to get the media to buy from you; rather, you're trying to get them interested enough in you and your company to want to share your stories with their readers. What you should be doing is creating relationships. Let them know who you are and what your company is about. This way, when you do send that newsworthy release, they know who you are, where you're from, and what you're about. Position yourself and others in your organization as experts in your field. Let the media know you are willing and able to provide knowledgeable background, explanation, and comments on specific products and services, or on your industry as a whole. That way, you'll become a reliable source rather than a pest that has to be managed.

Getting Media Coverage Getting media coverage or a mention of your new product or service can go a long way towards creating a buzz. Target both the local and national media as well as your industry’s trade publications. Often, the coverage you get in a trade publication will create the biggest buzz, as it’s read by all of your competitors and investors. The best way to get media coverage is to gauge the types of stories that are hot - current events, breaking news, the latest scandals - and tie your business in with them. Every journalist is looking for a different spin on the story of the day. If you can think of a way to present the story with a fresh angle, even consider using a human interest link, and associate it with your business or product, you’ll be watching the coverage come in!

Be Accessible Because reporters and editors work in such a deadline driven environment, it works in your favor to bend over backwards to adjust to their time constraints. If they are working on your story, their deadline is your deadline. In the course of your conversations, try to find out when their regular deadlines are so that you can (a) get information to them in a timely manner, and (b) avoid bothering them around that time.

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