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Your Business. Your Dreams. We'll Help You Get There! Rooster empowers Solo Service Providers with the tools, support, and training needed to build and grow successful and sustainable businesses.

Hey Rooster Supporters! We need your help! One of the Rooster Co-founders Patrick K. Stinus is getting married to Lauren Azar this year. So, naturally he wants to get in the best shape and health before their big day and new life together. Patrick is totally committed to this goal and is in the running to be one of the 5 contestants in the Happy Healthy Stronger makeover competition created and produced by fellow Roosters Linzi Martinez and Stephene Renee Hosey. Let’s start a social campaign and show how much we care about and support Patrick by sharing this post with all of our Facebook friends and see how many comments and likes we can get. #TeamPatrick #RoosterFamily #StrongerTogether #RiseTogether

Thanks to the amazing Stephene Renee Hosey for leading our Co-working / Mastermind group yesterday and teaching everyone how to Uplevel their brand! Work for Yourself, Not by Yourself™ #Rooster #WorkForYourselfNotByYourself #WhereDreamsBecomeReality #RiseTogether

What are the dreams and goals that inspire you? Taking on your dreams and aspirations is not always easy, but in honor of Martin Luther King Jr. Day we want to remind you that whatever you're working towards, just keep moving forward! We believe in you 🙌 #Rooster #WhereDreamsBecomeReality #RiseTogether #WorkForYourselfNotByYourself

Welcome to our new Rooster Members! We love to see our community expanding into new categories - like Graphic and Web Designers! Work for Yourself, Not by Yourself! #Rooster #WhereDreamsBecomeReality #RiseTogether

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