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The Salt Suite opened its first location in Delray Beach in 2011. It is the first location of its kind in South Florida. We have an Adult and Children's Salt Suite. In the Adult room customers sit in a comfortable leather chair with dividers in between. The walls and floor are covered in salt. We have machines that grind it up and blow it into the air in a dry particle. Salt is anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial naturally so it opens the sinuses and lungs and flushes out unwanted pollutants. The children's Salt Suite also has Salt on the walls and floors and its blown into the air. However, the Children's Salt Suite has dozens of toys and a TV to watch streaming Netflix while they receive treatment! In both the Children's and Adult Salt Suites customers wear casual clothes with socks. Please refrain from wearing any cologne or perfume as some people here are allergic. Call us today for your first session 1/2 OFF:)

Everyone knows that smoking is bad for you. The manufacture of the cigarette even print the warnings right on the packs! Still some people, an estimated that a total of 1 billion people smoke worldwide an average of a pack or two per day.

Pollution is a serious issue all across America. There are quite a few cities that the problem is even worse than normal. Whether this is due to excessive vehicles in use or the way the land is laid out that causes the problems. If you have any number of respiratory conditions then this poor air quality might be causing your breathing problems. Top Ten Cities With The Worst Pollution

If you have allergies to certain things in the environment, seasonal allergies, or food sensitivities that cause complications in your life then there may be ways that you can avoid some of your worst allergy triggers.

We are excited for the support from Dr. Wellikoff, a pulmonologist based out of Wellington, FL and a friend of The Salt Suite. His endorsement of Salt Therapy will help the industry and more people breathe easier!

If you or someone you love has the medical condition asthma there are some ways that you can improve the quality of your life.

Adult Onset Asthma is often diagnosed when people are older than 20-years-old. You would think that most people would discover it in early childhood, but adult onset asthma is more common than you know.

Heres a great article on our blog about how The Salt Suite can help your sinus issues! Stop worrying about your sinuses with the help of Salt Therapy!

Heres a great article on our blog about how The Salt Suite can help your sinus issues! Stop worrying about your sinuses with the help of Salt Therapy!

Check-in on Facebook between now and the end of the month and be entered to win a gift bag including your favorite products and 3 salt therapy sessions! Winner will be announced 7/1/19:)

Thank you TC for taking the time to research and write this article about Halotherapy. She took readings on her Oximeter before and after each salt therapy session. She documented some amazing improvements to her COPD over the course of 5 weeks! Halotherapy for COPD and Chronic Bronchitis

We love visits from grandmas almost as much as their grandkids do!! 💞💕

First Monday of summer vacation. Getting salty!

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