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Our Ties: In the early years of the 20th century, Delray Beach's "Yamato Colony" was established by a few Japanese farmers. Among them was George Sukeji Morikami whose hometown was Miyazu. George later donated his land to Palm Beach County and today it is home to The Morikami Museum and Japanese Gardens. Current activities include: Student exchanges between Atlantic High School and Miyazu High School Golf Tournaments Safari Dinner Providing books to the Moshi library Participation in the Sister Cities International Young Artists Competition with two local international winners The committee is responsible for developing a work program and raising funds to support the Sister Cities Program

More from our student ambassadors visiting Japan. Please click each photo for descriptions. Next our students will be touring the historical beauty of Kyoto.

A few more pictures from the trip to Japan: At Miyazu High School, Josh puts the finishing touches on the word “Smile” in Calligraphy Class. While visiting Kaiyo (Marine) High School, Stephanie learned how to tie a Clove Hitch which is a handy skill to know for tying up yachts.

This morning our student ambassadors and chaperones went to City Hall for a private meeting with Miyazu Mayor Inouye.

Sister Cities of Delray Beach updated their cover photo.

Sister Cities of Delray Beach updated their cover photo.

Here are some pictures of some of the great interactions between our Delray students and students at the high school in Miyazu, Japan. Click on each for descriptions! #sistercitiesinternational #miyazu #studentambassadors

The Sister Cities of Delray Beach student ambassadors and delegates are currently enjoying their time in Miyazu, Japan. - Pictured here: Students arrive at Miyazu High School and meet the Principal, and a photo from the Welcome Reception for chaperones with members of Miyazu Friendship Committee and City Hall staff. (City of Delray Beach, Florida Government)

Thank you to Dash Travel for hosting our Farewell Party/Fundraiser as our student ambassadors get ready to depart next week for Japan. - Jeff and Joel Dash pictured here with Board President and some of our student ambassadors and chaperones. - Please visit our Facebook page and click DONATE to support this trip and future student travel.

6 more hours to go! Our local students are counting on you! Midnight marks the end of the Great Give and we hope that you will give a little bit tonight to support student exchange programs through Sister Cities of Delray Beach!

WE NEED YOU TO SHARE THIS LINK! Your donation will be amplified today, so join the event and join in supporting student exchange programs and all of the other great cultural programs we do! #greatgive424 #greatgiveflorida #sistercitiesinternational

Starting in just a couple hours! Get ready!

TOMORROW - TUESDAY, APRIL 24th. • Participate in the GREAT day of giving! Every dollar helps us! Log on to (search Sister Cities) to help us expand our student exchange programs... or click here: #greatgive #greatgive424 #sistercities #sistercitiesinternational #dayofgiving

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