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Phone: 561-278-0424
Through our belief that learning should be fun, hands-on and student-driven, SOM empowers students to find happiness and success through : character building citizenship cognitive development communication compassion confidence conflict resolution coping skills creativity critical thinking curiosity we are for students! We are for students who are still learning to love learning and sometimes still learning to love themselves. Who prefer hands-on experiences, a flexible and creative approach and want to have a say in how they learn. Who want independence and are developing the self-awareness and skills to get there. Who have busy brains, creative spirits and unique perspectives. Who want to wake up every day and be themselves. we are for families! We are a place where family members feel safe, loved and celebrated as they grow individually and together. Families who want to learn to struggle less by spending more quality time together. Who want to set realistic expectations and accept one another, communicate better and laugh more than cry when life gets stressful. We are truly a family of families. Each of our stories are different, but our goals are the same: to share peace, love and happiness in our home. we are for professionals! We are for educators, coaches, business professionals, creative artists, caretakers and medical/therapy providers who are always looking for resources and alternatives to help our students, clients and contacts find ‘space of mind’ and achieve success. It truly takes a village to raise a child, so the more we collaborate and share ideas, resources and observations, the easier and more engaging everyone’s efforts become.

All of the students at #somsummer2018 are here for the record release party of this week’s #somsummerdiscovery camp at the schoolhouse. They wrote, recorded, and produced their own original song complete with cover art. We are proud of these rockstars!

Our Summer Study Hall teens takes a walk in the #historicaldistrict to look at old versus new Delray architecture. #spaceofmind #academicadventures

This is what happens when a bunch of bookstore nerds are researching next year’s curriculum! We are stoked to explore “Our Planet, Our Health” with our aweSOMe students and families this year! #projectbasedlearning #problembasedlearning #collaborationbreedscreativity #curatedcurriculum #customizedlearning #educatorsinheaven

School’s out! Time to clean out those lockers... Faith got the “Locker of the Year” award! 🏆🙈

It’s busy at the end of the year!! We completely forgot to get the #getyourgreenon photo before the students were dismissed! But we did dress in green to acknowledge that resources, research and support are needed to further our advancement of mental health treatment. Thank you to Healthier Delray Beach for organizing this aweSOMe day of awareness! #gygo #gogreenformentalhealth

We love our aweSOMe moms and wish you all a magical day!

Our World Cultures and Geography class is making an altered book that will be a travel guide to some of their favorite countries. They have been working hard learning about research methods, citing sources, and using research in writing. Now it’s time to put it all together in our quarter end creative project! #israel #australia #hungary #japan #china #projectbasedlearning #spaceofmind

Thank you to all of you who came out and supported our Haitian Celebration at Space of Mind! It was an incredible night, and we are thrilled to be making a $500 donation to Be Like Brit from the funds we raised. A special thank you to our sponsors, who made the night possible: SubCulture Group and Dada, Delivery Dudes, City Oyster and Sushi Bar, Jim Chard, Tamiami Tile, Rocco's Tacos and Tequila Bar - Delray Beach and Improv U! And another thank you to the amazing artists who came and shared their work with our guests: JarbathArt and Jenn La Reine!

Picky Eaters Club. Pea soup, cauliflower "rice", and vegan mushroom soup. I think it might be time to call this the Eaters Club. @ space of mind

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