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One of the biggest challenges that single mothers in need and their children face is transportation. With the gift of a reliable vehicle from Wheels from the Heart single moms and their children drive to a better life. Owning a car is often the first step to financial independence for single mothers and their families. Wheels from the Heart hopes to achieve the goal of gifting 50 cars in 2016.

Just donated 1975 Chevrolet Corvette high optioned car AC power steering brakes windows locks and tilt wheel manual transmission 71k miles $ 22900 ALL PROCEEDS GO TO WHEELS FROM THE HEART to buy cars for the long list of waiting single mothers call steve 561-445-7444

Blessed to bless others. Through trials and tribulations adversity only makes us stronger. Persistence when everything seems to be going the wrong way will provide us with more faith in ourselves to overcome even more trying obstacles. Finally able to get Latasha and her kids in the car she received. No matter the trials she made it happen and we are so happy to be a part of her story!

Today was a very special day. We were blessed with an opportunity to give a much-needed set of wheels to Orchid and Aura. This mother and daughter are so strong and are such beautiful souls deserving of this blessing. We at Wheels from the Heart were also blessed to be able to provide a homemade from the heart lunch for the meeting inquiring about how we can better flourish together as a non-profit community! The foundation has been laid to build up the Village. NOW WE TAKE MORE ACTION!

THIS JUST IN!! We have a vehicle that is perfect for a donation but needs some minor work. All of the estimated repairs total to around $850 and include the windshield, A/C, tune-up, brakes, and tires. We are accepting donations NOW to help get this car ready in JUST ONE WEEK for our Momma of the Month Orchid and her daughter Aura. If you have any questions about how to help CALL Jennifer at 305-849-2962 or visit our website

NOW is your opportunity to help!! Wheels from the Heart has designed these AWESOME and COMFY shirts that not only stands for a way of life but gives way to a new life for single mothers in Palm Beach County. Only $19 with FREE Shipping! We accept all major credit cards or you can pay cash and come meet the crew dedicated to changing the lives of others! Contact us at 561-910-4911 or send us a message on Facebook. We would love to hear from you either way. 360 NE 4th Street Delray Beach, FL 33483

We here at Wheels from the Heart are dedicated in our mission to bring this struggling single mother Orchid the freedom of transportation and the ability to get to doctors appointments whenever needed for her strong willed daughter Aura. They will be the 92nd recipient of a vehicle and an even playing field in this crazy thing we call life. If you want to help her and mothers in the future we accept any and all donations from a vehicle to just a couple spare dollars in your pocket. Whatever your contribution may be it makes an impact!

It takes a drive, passion and hunger to help for beautiful opportunities like these to be presented. We are fund-raising now and always to provide single mothers with a form of transportation. Now is your opportunity to help give back to the community and bring about the full circle of what life is really all about. Gratitude for what we have and the ability to give some of our excess to someone in need.

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