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It's almost dinner time. What's on your plate? If you're interested in learning how to go #meatless, you might want to head over to the #WiseBlog. Why go #meatless? Glad you asked. It turns out, it takes 2,500 gallons of water to create ONE SINGLE POUND of BEEF. One more gamechanger: did you know that eating ONE fewer burger per week is equivalent to driving your car 320 fewer miles? It’s numbers like that that prove just how powerful the #MeatlessMonday movement is. Check out the latest post on the #WiseBlog to learn how you can join #WiseTribe's mission to empower 1000 people to create social change. One EASY thing you can do TODAY is make a pledge to go #meatless once a week. #youarewhatyoueat #wisefood

Powerful day at our Sustainability Club today. After a few hiccups , students took to the serious conversation of self-governance and conflict resolution. They’ve designed a number of rules to be more productive in working together on causes that are larger than themselves and outlined roles and responsibilities they can take on as individuals to better serve the community. #Adulting #Community #HigherPurpose

#MeatlessMonday culinary challenge is in full effect at Atlantic Community High School. Lots of cooking, creativity, connecting and community fun going down today! We had awesome special guest join us today and they jumped right in to help out!

And today’s #MeatlessMonday /Sustainable Culinary Adventure begins! This challenge is being coached by Michael Salmon, owner of Flybird Chargrill Chicken, who you might have seen on Next Food Network Star or the 24 Hour Restaurant Challenge!!! Here he is joined by our friends in good health and good food, Angela Williams and Chef Barbara Collins. Super thanks to Candy Evans from Cason Community Garden for gifting us this beautiful produce -all of which was grown in Delray Beach! #UnitedWeGrow #GetDirtyInDelray #Community #Food #JustFeedMe #FlyBird

And now for this week's question... Community gardens in the U.S. are growing faster than ever, particularly in urban settings and city parks. Not only does this serve people by increasing food security, but it also enhances our wellbeing by re-connecting us with nature. Clearly, we're pretty excited about upcycling Garden Gates, but we want to learn about other trends you're aware of and excited about. Share with us and you could win a #WiseFood t-shirt based on the best answer. #Gardens #Growing #Wellbeing

Thank YOU Candy Lewis Evans and Cason Community Garden for gifting us this fresh produce for tomorrow’s Meatless Monday Culinary Adventure with Atlantic Community High School students. We can’t wait to see what they create from this healthy, fresh, and delicious bounty! #UnitedWeGrow #GetDirtyInDelray #1000WTs #Bees #Pollinators #CommunityGardens #Wellbeeing 😁🐝🥦🥕🥬🙌

The power of collaboration and commitment!!!

Yesterday was an incredible showing of the power of community. We had over 50 people- from all walks of life- join us at Carver Middle School (AKA "The Garden Gate Factory") to assist with our goal of upcycling 100 Garden Gates. Because of them, we are SO close to achieving this ambitious target. This morning we are sending out oodles of appreciation to our friends from Love Delray, Unified Dream, and, of course, our young co-conspirators from Carver Middle School and their administration and teachers who are devoted to seeing learning take place both inside and outside of the classroom. Thanks to these dedicated individuals and organizations, we made such progress yesterday! There is still much to be done, however, so if you're looking to make a difference today and collaborate with good people, put your paint clothes on and join us at The Garden Gate Factory between 9:30am to 1pm. #LiveGenerously #Community #collaboration

Take two doses of Mother Nature and call me in the morning... you should be feeling brand new.

Take two doses of Mother Nature and call me in the morning... you should be feeling brand new.

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