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Many business owners are FRUSTRATED with the escalating costs for their health insurance.
They are CONCERNED that they will be priced out of obtaining quality health care.
They are you FEARFUL that their business may not survive due to these rising costs?
Which of these WORRY you?
I think we can help!

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Providing our clients comprehensive Health Care Insurance solutions:
*Major Medical (On Exchange with Subsidy or Private Plans)
*Alternative Medical Plans (Health Share Plans, Nationwide PPO Term Plans)
*Prescription Drug plans
*Hospitalization Protection (Helps cover exposure when admitted to hospital)
*Indemnity (Fixed Benefit) plans
*Critical Illness Protection (Lump sum benefit for diagnosis of cancer/stroke/heart attack etc.)
*Accident Protection (Helps cover deductible exposure for any accident)
*Dental, Vision, Hearing options
*HMA – Health Matching Account

For clients reaching age 65 and beyond, we have a full array of Medicare Options:
*Medicare Advantage Plans
*Medicare Supplements
*Medicare Prescription Drug Plans
*Medicare Part G
*Medicare Part J
and more

Along with our Health Care Solutions, Medicare Supplements and Medicare Advantage Plans we offer comprehensive options in:
*Life Insurance
*Long Term Care
*Group Benefits
*Fixed and Indexed Annuities


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