Greater Delray Beach Chamber of Commerce
140 NE 1st Street,
Delray Beach, FL 33444

Phone: 561-278-0424
GSky endeavors to enrich people’s lives and improve the quality of the urban environment by integrating plants into spaces in which we live, work and play.

Located at Community Health Center in Middleton, Connecticut is this two-story Versa Wall®. It is so tall that it's nearly impossible to capture in a photo. #GSkyWalls

Because of the unique way they capture and reflect light, metallic elements bring a subtle and sophisticated sheen to any design scheme. #GreenWallWednesday

The new iPic Theaters in downtown Delray Beach, Florida will soon feature this Pro Wall installation—which will span a massive 2,000 feet wide upon completion. #GSkyWalls

A brand’s name and logo are the driving visual components of a company, and so it stands to reason that branded signage—when done correctly—can be a powerful visual to incorporate within a living wall design. #GreenWallWednesday

Water elements, like the one installed at AWeber, a client out of Chalfont, Pennsylvania, bring both visual and auditory elements to the mix, creating a peaceful atmosphere for all to enjoy. #GSkyWalls

Fins are architectural design components that offer a louvered look, creating an aesthetic that is at once simple and ornate. At Divco, the fins place emphasis on the living wall itself, drawing sharp focus to the center. #GreenWallWednesday

Our Versa Wall XT® holds one-gallon pots. This allows for plants to be swapped in and out, creating a new plant design effortlessly. #GreenWallWednesday

For this week's #GreenWallWednesday, we're showing off this Pro Wall® in Los Angeles!

Living walls offer an inviting appeal like no other, captivating people with unique distinguishing factors that add incredible visual impact and a sense of elegance to every project. #GSkyWalls

Innisfree usa is a natural beauty store and is home to this Versa Wall which is on display at their location in Manhattan. #GreenWallWednesday

The Van Dyke Recycling building may not be finished yet, but this Versa Wall® that stands in it is! #GSkyWalls

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