Delray Beach Chamber of Commerce
Community Calendar Guidelines

The Delray Beach Community Calendar is an interactive, web-based program that enables the community to post, view and search for events of broad interest to the community. The calendar is a tool for the public to promote community events and activities.

Calendar postings are designed to announce one-time or special events or programs, not regularly scheduled activities (i.e., church services, exercise classes, etc.).

The Community Calendar may be used to promote:
Educational, social, cultural or recreational events in Delray Beach open to the general public. Delray Chamber members may submit events outside Delray Beach, as a membership benefit.

The Community Calendar may not be used to promote political or commercial events.


Postings will be limited to those abiding by the following guidelines:

  • Only events will be listed on the calendar. Examples of acceptable events include academic or athletic camps, school registrations or orientations, expos, health and wellness events, nonprofit fundraisers, concerts, plays and performances, recreational sports sign-ups, Parks & Recreation league sign-ups
  • All entries should be submitted no less than 10 business days prior to the date of the event to allow time for review and ensure posting to the Community Calendar
  • All events must be open to the general public, no “invite only” events
  • All entries must be submitted by the event organizer, and contact information for that person must be included
  • All entries must be accurate upon submission, change requests made after submission must be minor in nature otherwise the event will be rejected and resubmission will be requested
  • K-12 sporting events, church services and political fundraisers are not eligible for posting on the Community Calendar
  • No solicitations will be accepted. Community fundraisers may be accepted at the discretion of Delray Beach Chamber of Commerce
  • No individual events will be permitted on the calendar ( i.e., garage sales, individual fundraisers, birthday parties)
  • No events outside of Delray Beach, Florida will be included on the calendar
  • The online submission form must be filled out entirely, including event description and contact information. Forms with blank entry fields or no description may not be processed for posting
  • Exceptions to these guidelines may be made at the discretion of Delray Beach Chamber of Commerce

Calendar Review and Publishing

  • All submitted events are sent to Delray Beach Chamber of Commerce for approval prior to being published on the online Community Calendar
  • We will do our best to post submitted events within 2-3 business days
  • Delray Beach Chamber of Commerce reserves the right to decline event submissions
  • Delray Beach Chamber of Commerce reserves the right to edit event information for length, spelling, language and clarity

Calendar Style
In submitting events to the Community Calendar, please follow these simple guidelines to ensure sufficient detail and consistency of style throughout the site:

  • Event Name: Use initial caps and lower case throughout (ALL CAPS will be rejected, and resubmission will be required for consideration)
  • Event Start Date/Time: This is the day and time the event begins
  • Event End Date/End Time: This is the day and time the event concludes
  • Event Subtitle: This will appear as a preview for the event listing
  • Event Details: Try to keep the information in this box to no more than three to five sentences. If admission fees apply, this is where to list it.
  • Event Location Fields: Include the location name and address including city, state and zip code.
  • Event Organizer Fields: This is the organization producing the event.
  • Learn More Link: This is a website with additional event information.
  • Event Image: High-resolution square images are preferred for submission.
  • Your Full Name: the name of the person submitting the form.
  • Your Email Address: the email address of the person submitting the form.

Delray Beach Chamber of Commerce Calendar Event Submission Form must be completed online in order to be considered for posting. Delray Beach Chamber of Commerce reserves the right to limit the number of postings from any one organization and to reject any posting when deemed to be offensive, inappropriate, not in the public’s interest or in conflict with this policy or the mission of Delray Beach Chamber of Commerce.

Updated 7/24/23