With a desire to see increased collaboration between our profit and nonprofit Chamber members, we have created an annual month of opportunities called Do Good Delray. Think of it as a month-long calendar of events aimed at growing both friends & funds in a fun, creative way.

Planned for the month of October, interested nonprofit members are encouraged to pair up with interested for-profit members and hold a fun-filled event at one of our local member locations. The goal is to bring like-minded people together to raise awareness, engagement and increased funding for the nonprofit’s philanthropic efforts all resulting in a new alliance.

The Chamber plays a part in the process by promoting the events to increase participation and success. The goal is a month full of events to Partner with Purpose for our Chamber members!

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2021 RECAP

2021 Do Good Delray

  • Inaugural year
  • 14 events
  • 28 Chamber members partnered to produce the events
  • More than $35,000 raised for Nonprofit members
  • More than 2,000 local attendees

Questions? Contact Lynn@DelrayBeach.com.