Leadership Delray: Where Passion Meets Purpose

“Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower.” – Steve Jobs

If you have a passion for the Delray Beach community and a desire to serve it in a leadership role, plan to participate in the Leadership Delray 2024 Class! Leadership Delray is all about first-hand experiences and behind-the-scenes access. You’ll get an intimate look at how all facets of our community work and the challenges they face—education, healthcare, emergency services, local government, the arts and more – while exploring aspects of leadership. Please complete the below application to participate in 2024.

Fee Structure:

Chamber Members – $750

Future Chamber Members – $850

Leadership Delray 2024 Schedule:

Tuesday, January 9 – Orientation & History

Tuesday, February 13 – The Arts and Most Fun Small Town Day

Tuesday, March 12 – Agriculture Day

Tuesday, April 9 – Public Safety Day

Tuesday, May 14 – Media Day

Tuesday, June 11 – Health & Wellness Day

Tuesday, July 9 – City and County Systems Day

Thursday, August 22 – Education Day

Tuesday, September 10 – Sustainability Day

October TBD – Do Good Delray Day

Tuesday, November 26 – Legislative Breakfast & Graduation

*Schedule is subject to change


“I would like to take the time to say thank you to the Delray Beach Chamber of Commerce and Sarah Mears for hosting Leadership Delray. I’m a 23-year resident and a 17-year employee with the City of Delray Beach. Leadership Delray brought a mix of professionals together from all walks of life. I have a greater appreciation for other professions from the leadership visits.” -Theresa Gardner-Williams, City of Delray Beach, Class of 2023

“I want to share what a positive experience I had with Leadership Delray Beach. It was such a great opportunity to meet diverse individuals and leaders from both the Palm Beach County and the City of Delray Beach. I learn so much about our wonderful City, Delray Beach.” -Begoña Krane, City of Delray Beach Public Works Department, Class of 2023

“I thought I knew everything there was to know about Delray Beach and Palm Beach County. That was before joining Leadership Delray, which has proven to be a transformative learning experience for me both personally and professionally. This journey has proved to be beneficial and rewarding in many ways. I am proud to have established a strong support system, gained valuable insights, and built meaningful relationships. I am both humbled and grateful to have gained a deeper understanding and connection to my community.” -Shona Castillo, CROS Ministries, Class of 2023

“I am proud to say that I have been a resident of Delray Beach since 2006. I was searching for a home for a very long time and finally found the perfect town. I was attracted to Delray because of the culture, energy and vibrancy and over the years, my love for Delray Beach has grown. I joined the chamber of commerce to become an active part of the community. When the opportunity came to me to apply for the Leadership Delray program, I was so inspired and excited to learn about where we live. The program is thoughtfully executed, educational and fun. I have met so many great people and made many friends. Learning about the community has allowed me to feel more connected to the history and culture of our city. I have developed a new respect for all of the amazing people that serve Delray Beach behind the scenes and our local heroes. I am grateful for the opportunity and can now share this information about my community to my clients & show them what makes Delray Beach so special. It’s about the people that live, work and play that make our city the Best Small Beach Town in the United States.” – Michelle Sadownick PA, Realty Home Advisors, Class of 2023

“Leadership Delray has been such a wonderful opportunity for me over the past year, meeting incredible people and finding out what makes our community such an amazing place to live. Leadership Delray has made a lasting impact that will forever change my life. Thank you all at the Chamber for making my year a special one.” -Teresa Throckmorton, Central Park Taekwondo Academy, Class of 2022

“As a new Florida resident, my participation in the Delray Leadership class has been instrumental for both my personal and work life. The presenters have had a wealth of knowledge and, as a result, I feel that I can speak with some authority about many of the aspects of Delray Beach.” – Tammie Sellman, Wayside House, Class of 2022

“As a 16 year employee of the City of Delray Beach, I have had many great opportunities to engage with our residents, business community / leaders, and guests of our city. After 16 years, I thought I knew it all in terms of what our city has to offer and how it operates, I was wrong. The experience gained through leadership Delray showed me how much more awesome and unique Delray Beach really is then what I already knew. From the small museums, public art, how all of the city agencies, non-profits, volunteers, and businesses work together to make Delray an international destination is truly fascinating. Learning about the infrastructure, how clean water is produced, going out to the farms in Belle Glade and walking along side the farmers exceeded all expectations I had. Seeing how City Employees truly love their careers, love the city and love to serve makes me not only proud to be a part them, but makes me want to be a resident of Delray Beach. The friendships forged with our leadership class will be everlasting and at some point we will all reach out or lean on each other to help overcome challenges or support each others initiatives. The Delray Beach Chamber of Commerce is second to none. The staff at the chamber is incredibly professional, and committed to helping the business community, ensuring Delray Beach continues to grow and prosper. The chamber is also committed to supporting residents, the youth and businesses that need an extra hand. I strongly recommend anyone interested in learning about the city, looking to network, make new friends, or to just learn something new, join leadership Delray, you will not be disappointed.” -Gary Ferreri, Delray Beach Police Department, Class of 2022

“The information I learned after each leadership Delray class (agricultural day, public safety day, education day, etc) was so eye-opening I immediately shared my experience and new knowledge with family and friends that night as well as the days that followed. You gain A deeper connection to the chamber of commerce, City of Delray, and classmates because of the great time spent at each event.” – Adam Eckstein, Servpro of South Palm Beach, Class of 2022

“Learning never stops. Whether you are new to Delray Beach or have been in Delray Beach for years, Leadership Delray should be on your to do list. I learned so much about Delray Beach and I even received a personality profile to learn more about myself. I also met amazing leaders from around the County. I highly recommend that you sign up for this Program and get plugged in on Delray Beach. Thank you Delray Beach Chamber for putting this on!” – Renée A. Jadusingh, Delray Beach CRA, Class of 2022

“What a fantastic program! Leadership Delray allows the “doers, planners and hard workers” to highlight what goes on behind the scenes in Delray Beach. The Program definitely raised our awareness of what it takes to run a city like ours. But it also highlighted the opportunities for collaboration between all of us. And I know I will treasure the new friendships for years to come.” -Randy King, Prime IV Hydration, Class of 2022

“Leadership Delray was a terrific series. I learned a lot about the City, met many new business contacts and made a few new friends.” – Stuart Silver, SRS Consulting, Class of 2021

“Leadership Delray was a fantastic way to see Delray Beach in a completely different way. Even after living and working in the city for more than two decades, I still saw new things, made new friends, and completely enjoyed the monthly gatherings.” – Marjorie Waldo, Arts Garage, Class of 2021

“There isn’t an easier way to learn about Delray Beach’s community and people than Leadership Delray Beach. Every place you visit, and every presenter you hear, they all want you to discover what their all about.” – Sergio Piedra, Discover the Palm Beaches, Class of 2021

“In addition to learning so much about Delray Beach, I made friendships and professional connections that wouldn’t have been possible without Leadership Delray. I would recommend it to anyone who lives or works here.” – Dani Moschella, City of Delray Beach – Fire Rescue, Class of 2021

“Leadership Delray illuminated the many facets of this city and how the organizations all contribute small pieces to a larger puzzle that is Delray Beach. As all the pieces come together, these classes solidify your place in the city’s growth as a contributing factor.” – Luis Acosta, Arts Warehouse, Class of 2021

“I’m so glad I decided to participate in Leadership Delray! It was a fantastic way to make connections with people and businesses all over Delray. The Chamber did a fantastic job keeping our class together and converting to virtual events during COVID-19, and I have made some lasting friendships through this experience.” – Keely Sanders, Hyatt Place Delray Beach, Class of 2020

“Leadership Delray has demonstrated to me that each and every profession has it avenues and step by step processes that leads to great outcomes.” – Rachel Ivey, City of Delray Beach Parks & Recreation, Class of 2020

“The connections, information and experiences from Leadership Delray are invaluable. If you’re looking to succeed and grow in Delray Beach, Leadership Delray is a great place to start!” – Amber Clark, Rapoport’s Restaurant Group, Class of 2020

“I was able to develop relationships with individuals within the Chamber and City that have played and continue to play big roles in my launching of a new business.” – Ben Fagan, Ben Fagan Media, Class of 2020