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It would take South Florida by storm ,🌪 ••• Many people were unaware of a electric, exhilarating vibrant an passionate upbeat Asian restaurant until Lemongrass enter the doors of South Florida. So we pay tribute to the 'founders' an godfathers of modern Asian bistro! 🍣 ••• Today embezzles a time in the past 10 years that the Lemongrass doors opened its first ever location in Fort Lauderdale! 🔟 ••• As the many great leaders of our industry say, "Service to many leads to greatness" 💪🏽 #10YearAnniversary #WeAreStillHereToStay #ServeToServe

Let us help you plan your office holidays party, the holidays have never been easier. From personalized even planner , to customizable décor options. we can customize your lunch office party less than $15 person with a set menu from Monday to sunday . let us set the ambiance and table for your holidays events! 561 5448181 or go to

The Lemongrass group would like to share our thoughts before the holiday season begins. We are so thankful to be a part of the community since we opened our first location in Boca Raton in 2000. It seems like yesterday that we were just a mom & pop restaurant just trying to get by, but as the years moved on with the support of our customers, friends, and family we have been successful in opening multiply locations. During this time we like to remember how and who got our company to where it is today. So during Thanksgiving when family reunite, friends get together and coworkers hang out we would like to extend our appreciation when you choose to spend those special moments with us. We would not be here today without the support of our clients and especially our team that works hard to keep each location running smoothly. Thank you again for making us feel more than just a restaurant, but a place where you can spend your holidays with. Happy Thanksgiving Congratulation to our sister restaurant ramen lab eatery Congratulation to our sister restaurant ramen lab eatery

Who just got excited all of a sudden? 👀 YES - we can do SUSHI wedding catering WHY NOT! 👋🏽 live a life with sushi cake and life will be LIT! 😋 #teamlemongrass

The SEA 🌊 Restaurant first opened its doors 3 years ago. The theme was to go over the top with decor An meal presentation and we are still going 3 years strong.! 🍴Saturday Sea Nights. #TeamLemongrass #TeamSea #WestDelrayRestaurants

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