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Here is the new wave of health eating. Our Salmon Poké Bowl is a crowd-pleaser! #pokebowl #salmon #edamame #ginger #seaweed salad #kani #avocado #rice #lemongrassasianbistro #teamlemongrass

Proper Smoky Old Fashion 🥃 now served at Lemongrass Wellington. Happy Sunday 😏🥃 .. @teamlemongrass @properwhiskey ..

Seasoned to perfection. Come get it nice an hot right out the wok 🔥 • Chicken Fried Rice is Dynamite 🧨 • Add a little bit of spice to kick up your life 😏 • #teamlemongrass #boca #boyntonbeach #wellingtonflorida #delraybeach #soflofoodie #sofloliving

S U R F & T U R F ROLL 🏄‍♀️ • • Need we say more ? 🤷‍♀️ • • South Florida’s Very Own Wavemaker 🌊 • • Who wants to try this? Tag A Friend🏷 • • #teamlemongrass

It’s a UNI-FULL day. 😏 *Uni is an acquired taste* Those that know , know. 🤤 #teamlemongrass

Lemongrass’s secret sister restaurant is also available and ready to be booked tonight! 💯 Located in the hidden gem of West Delray. 👀 The Sea restaurant offers impeccable service. ❤️ A rustic look most people couldn’t take their eyes off of. Not to mention the most amazing presentation on your plate. 🤤 Reserve now or find us online.

If there is a spider 🕷 with tuna 🍣 on your table,Please make sure to eat it, not kill it, thanks 🤤 Yours Sincerely, @teamlemongrass 🤗 . 🔽FOLLOW🔽 👉 @teamlemongrass 👈 👉 @teamlemongrass 👈 👉 @teamlemongrass 👈 👉 @teamlemongrass 👈 . . #teamlemongrass

Before we opened our newest store in Wellington we had no idea who would be working at our new location...😳 • We were slightly overwhelmed by the big project but knew we had to get the right people in to bring the right sort of atmosphere to our newest location! • Turns out it worked out well 🙏 • We got the best staff on hand to serve and deliver our guests needs and wants! ☺️ • The ladies at Lemongrass are fully prepared and equipped to help and serve your food cravings! 🤤 • Come treat yourself this Saint Paddy’s day weekend with the best service and hospitality in South Florida 🔥🔥 • Who’s hungry ? 😋 • 🍛🍣🍜🍲🍤🥟🍱 • • • #teamlemongrass #boca #delraybeach #wellingtonflorida #sushilover #thaifood #lemongrassasianbistro

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