Locally based Delray Beach Polo Team owner Wins the World Cup in South America

By Hotels at Sea

Summary: Polo Team USA®, presented by the globally renowned Hotels at Sea, a business Chairmans Club leader within the Chamber of Commerce has just returned after winning the $1 Million dollar International Polo Tour® World Cup in Quito, Ecuador 

(Delray Beach, Florida, USA)  News Release: The highly talented and popular USA Polo team, has won the World Cup. It is a mammoth win for the team and the country and locally community and reflects its always go for it spirit!

“We are delighted to win the World Cup in the sport of Polo,” says Tareq Salahi, owner of the Hotels at Sea Polo Team USA. “It was a nail-biting final which went down to the wire. We won the extremely tough game by one goal at 6 to 5 and our hats off to Team Ecuador that played us in the finals.”

This win is a massive deal for the Horse Polo Team USA presented by Hotels at Sea and Celebrity Cruises. It is as big as winning the Super Bowl or the World Cup of Soccer for the sport of Polo.   

Polo Team USA presented by Hotels at Sea, U.S. Polo Assn. Global Polo TV & Celebrity Cruises won by one goal with the final score of 6 to 5. Teammates included pro players Ivan Maldonado, Jonas Larguia, Debbie Nash and team captain Tareq Salahi.  Hotels at Sea/Celebrity Cruises is one of the few International Pro polo teams to have a female player part of our team.

The last 30 seconds of the match was a thriller in every sense. Polo Team USA was leading by a slender goal when Team Ecuador was awarded a penalty shot. They took the shot, but it was brilliantly blocked by Polo Team USA Captain, Tareq Salahi, mid-air with his mallet followed behind with the only female player playing, Debbie Nash keeping the ball in possession for the USA team remaining few seconds.  Great teamwork prevented the other team from tying up the match in the last 30 seconds.

The playing conditions were extremely challenging as the match was being played at nearly 10,000 feet. The Polo World Cup final was a spectacular success; with several thousands of fans attending the event and will be aired on Global Polo TV in the near term.

According to the Polo Team U.S. spokesperson Colleen Kantas, the Galapagos International Polo Tour® World Cup Trophy is one of its kind. Individual player trophies valued at $30K per trophy and the unique tortoise perpetual cup valued at one million USD. It has been hand crafted of and designed by the official jeweler, Flor de la Vida and now remains for generations ahead to win her.  Polo Team USA automatically advances to defend the cup in 2023 in the finals as a result of the win this year in accordance with the IPT rules.

The International Polo Tour® Galapagos World Cup is the world’s largest perpetual trophy. It weighs over 500 lbs and is the size of an actual Galapagos turtle. The trophy stands nearly four feet in height and is almost the same width. 

 After their win, the polo team and other cruise ship guests celebrated onboard the Celebrity Flora, specifically built to explore the Galapagos Islands, for a one-week adventure cruise! To book into the IPT Polo Tour & Galapagos cruise next year, contact Hotels at Sea online.

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