We Are Delray – and We Are Its Future!

By Lynn Van Lenten

Let’s talk about Sustainability – You know, that “green word”, that “zero-waste” mindset we so often forget.

How easy is it to just toss that glass spaghetti jar in the trash? Or that shampoo container or yesterday’s junk mail? I sure have, but skipping the recycling step is dangerous. That old saying “out of sight, out of mind” is damaging. And as a beach town, just walk to the beach to be reminded what trash does to our ocean.

Thank goodness this story has a “greener” ending!  Thank goodness for local leaders who have jumped into the sustainability fight. Let me introduce you to a few:

Did you know Delray has a “refillery” store? A place where you can fill up on liquid or powdered products using containers you already have! That includes aluminum, glass — even plastic. “Since 2020, we have been offering Delray Beach residents an alternative to plastic-packaged home & body products”, said Lindsay Zukerberg, owner of Zuke’s Refillery. “We’re all about people & the planet, so not only are our products sustainable, but they’re ethically made! We donate 10% of refills to local Delray organizations, host beach cleanups, and plan community markets to grow our eco-community. Delray is our home & we are grateful to be its neighborhood plastic-free shop & refillery!”

Another team improving Delray is Community Greening. Founded in 2016, Mark & Matt had a dream of a greener tree canopy over Delray Beach. Seven years later our parks, schools, and residential neighborhoods have thousands of trees planted & growing. “We are happy to report that we are finishing up year two of a 5-year campaign to plant 10,000 trees in Delray Beach by 2025,” said Matt Cassini, co-founder of Community Greening. “Take a walk in Barwick Park and enjoy hundreds of slash pines planted by volunteers or visit Catherine Strong Park and pick some fruit this summer in its Urban Orchard. These new trees will make Delray Beach a better place to live for years to come.”

Let’s not forget our food source. Stephen Smith moved his family to Delray Beach to open One World Zero Waste organic food store. You are welcome to order online, in bulk, or shop in person. Bring your own containers and “weigh & pay” for sustainably sourced, vegan, never tested on animal natural products. “Delray Beach is HERE and ready for local and organic bulk food, fruits and vegetables, re-usable/refillable Zero Waste,” said Stephen Smith, One World Zero Waste owner. “Our aim is to eliminate waste of all kinds, making us a happier and healthier community, however we can. Please join us in raising consciousness! NAMASTE.”

Feeling “greener” after reading this? I sure do! Sustainability heroes abound in our town. Stop in and meet them, learn their stories, and join the fight for a better future. Pick up a free tree from Mark & Matt and plant it in your garden, wash that empty shampoo bottle and refill it at Zuke’s or shop for some sustainably sourced produce from Stephen. Join us as we make a change in the right direction.

Remember, We Are Delray! Let’s do this together.