Delray’s Black Residents Share Their “Stories From The Set”

On January 25, 2024, the walls of Williams Cottage will reflect the faces of its neighbors, as The Spady Museum proudly hosts its first exhibition in collaboration with The West Atlantic Redevelopment Coalition (

“Stories from The Set” is a photographic-multi-media collection of images and video that represent the spirit, joy, trauma and strength of the City’s communities of color. Funded by Thrive Collective Foundation ( and The Mellon Foundation ( and captured by Arshley Emile-Timberhouse Films, the exhibit focuses on the survival and resilience of Black people in Delray Beach.

Their stories challenge current narratives, identify naturally occurring strategies to inform efforts, and engage the voices of as many people as possible in the radically resident-driven work of The Coalition. Visitors to “Stories From the Set” are invited to learn about the impact systemic racism has had on this community and others like it and the warmth and resolve of this community in the face of great adversity.

“It is the hope individuals outside of the community better understand the horrific consequences of racist policies and practices, such as Jim Crow segregation, sundowning, redlining, the Federal Highway Act, urban renewal, eminent domain, the War on Drugs, and mass incarceration,” said Sara Selznick, Thrive Co-Founder and Partner.

“Audiences inside and outside of the community can celebrate this Black Settlement and its legacy families, organizers in education and athletics, strong faith-based community, associations and organizations, Black-owned businesses, and political strength.”

“Stories from The Set” will be on display at The Spady Cultural Heritage Museum’s Williams Cottage until March 30, 2024.