Delray Chamber Education Fund

Origin and History of Delray Chamber’s Education Support

The Greater Delray Beach Chamber of Commerce has long believed that education is key to the vitality and business of our City.

More than twenty years ago the Chamber developed a 501(c) 3 organization to address the needs of public education in Delray, particularly those most in need, and Delray Beach Chamber Charities was born.

The Chamber’s Education Committee, over the past year worked to revamp and update the operations and mission of Chamber Charities.  The Committee evaluated the mission and vision of Chamber Charities and a task force was created to relaunch the organization.

An Active 501(c)3 at Delray’s Chamber of Commerce

The task force developed a revitalization plan which included a new mission statement, creating a board of directors separate from the Chamber and a re-named organization –The Delray Chamber Education Fund (DCEF).

The goal of the newly re-purposed Delray Chamber Education Fund is to advance the Delray Beach community through supporting educational programming, services and resources.

Today, the Delray Chamber Education Fund has begun to fulfill its role as a community organization, while continuing to complement the activities of the Greater Delray Beach Chamber of Commerce.

Our Mission

Develop, support and fund a diversity of educational initiatives that helps make Delray learning programs and schools among the top tier in south Palm Beach County

  • Serve as 501c3 tax exempt organization for the Chamber
  • Raise funds to underwrite the Delray Chamber education activities
  • Work with programs to achieve the most effective outcomes

Our Programs
Current Programs

  • Bus Shelter Program – Celebrating Delray schools in prominent locations…and raising funds in their behalf
  • Delray Reads – Citizen involvement in encouraging student love of reading
  • Annual Fall Education Breakfast – Honoring our hardworking and dedicated teachers and administrators

New Initiatives in 2021

  • Workforce readiness – Career path for high school graduates not going to college
  • Broadband for virtual classroom – Bringing a better learning experience to underserved neighborhoods
  • Girls Go Build – Motivating young women to pursue careers in construction and health
  • Scholarship program with Chamber member – Ensuring college success for disadvantaged youth

How to Support the DCEF

Donate Here

If you would like more information on the Education Foundation please contact Jim Chard at

Founding Board:

  • James Chard – President/ CEO
  • Dan Paulus – Treasurer/Vice Chair Finance
  • Joe Gillie – VP Development
  • Kae Jonsons – Secretary
  • David Beale
  • Janet Meeks
  • Carlos Lorenzo
  • Barbara Stark
  • Noreen Payne
  • Dr. Jay Alperin
  • Robert Hickok

Founding Board terms expire December 31, 2020. If you are interested in becoming a board member for the 2021 Term please contact Joe Gillie at