Morningday Community Solutions

MCS provides an enormous environmental impact and a vital underpinning for South Florida’s nonprofit community. With two locations in Broward and Palm Beach Counties, we prevent significant retail waste and help hundreds of local nonprofit organizations spend less on goods and more on critical programs each year.

We partner with retail stores to take new and like-new returned, discontinued, and displayed items to our warehouses. There, we check products, ensure that all parts are included in packaging, and stock our shelves. Items are typically available for 70% less (or less!) than the market retail price, and only available to qualified nonprofit organizations.

In 2022, MCS prevented 900,000 pounds of retail waste and saved South Florida nonprofits more than $2,000,000.

Through our membership program, MCS carefully screens those who wish to shop with us to ensure that they are purchasing on behalf of a legitimate 501c3 organization. To fulfill our mission with integrity, MCS only provides goods to qualified charities.

Veterans, at-risk youth, the homeless, people in recovery, those with disabilities, teachers, and more members of our community directly benefit from our program.

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1410 SW 29th Ave #100, Pompano Beach, FL 33069


(954) 590-8256