We Are Delray – Let’s Savor Summertime!

By Lynn Van Lenten

As the weather heats up and the snowbirds go home, summertime comes to Delray. It is a season when the locals can walk Atlantic Ave at a slower pace, find a seat in the newest restaurant or enjoy an impromptu game of putt-putt in the evening breeze. This month let’s celebrate all the wonder of summer fun in Delray — without all the visitors!

Our gateway to the sea, Atlantic Ave, reserves its fun for us locals this time of year. During August you can enjoy the ease of trying a new restaurant or local brewery. You can taste local beer and burgers from a food truck, listen to local music and smile…. all in your own backyard! Or you can jump on the Lady Atlantic and ACT like a tourist, enjoying the intercoastal sites while sipping a tropical drink and remembering you really LIVE here!

You can breeze into Throw Social and try your hand at axe throwing or a pinball game at Silverball Museum. Or stop by Sandoway House and let your kids get to know all the cool animals that reside there.

Want to venture further out? You can head to one of our wildlife parks for a peaceful nature walk. Rent a bike or golf cart and coast along A1A. Take your kids to Catherine Strong Park for some water fun or dare to dip your feet into a tank at WTF Lounge for the “Minnow nibbling” (prepare to laugh out loud!). All without reservations or planning……all in a fun, spontaneous, summer way.

Want to try something you have never done before WITHOUT a large group watching you? Maybe a yoga class – you can just drop in and take one! Want to get an IV drip or sit in a salt room or get a massage? How about a stretch zone or group fitness class? Summertime is the time to try — just walk in and do it.
And what about during the hottest part of the day? When it is just too warm to stroll? You can head east or west to a cool theater and enjoy the newest summer movie, stroll our many art galleries and museums, or take in a live show at Arts Garage. Enjoy an evening drink at the Courtyard Marriott rooftop bar, or at Aloft’s WXYZ Bar. All on a whim, all with ease.

No matter what road you pick, what activity or food or fun you happen upon, marvel at the fact that these months are the months to jump in and try. You have all this wonderful fun at your fingertips, all summer long. Go for it!

We Are Delray – and we are lucky to call this magical summer place HOME!